11 Plate Dry Cell Hydrogen kit / Browns Gas Generator, DIY HHO Self build Kit


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setup is for building a 11 plate system of 2 ground plates, 8 neutral plates, 1 positive plate.


HHO Dry Cell Generator, reduce your fuel bills typically by 30%
Please note this is self build kit of parts, you will need to bolt it all together (very simple to build) If you require a ready built version please see our other listings.
There is loads of information on the net about these so I wont bore you with that, but just give you the specs
11 Stainless steel 316 plates.
All nuts and bolts are Stainless steel to avoid rust.
Plates are 100x100mm.
2x 10mm outside diameter barb hose connectors.
Clear thick side walls that enable to you to see whats happening.
Plates are laser cut.
Plates are interchangeable, supplied setup is for building a 21 plate system of 3 ground plates, 16 neutral plates, 2 positive plates. you can however change this to a setup that best works for you by rotating plates, configuring plates for extra ground and positives will produce more gas but also consume more current, temperature may also need to be monitored depending on the electrolyte you use.
This listing is for the HHO generator only, no other parts included.
We can also supply custom versions with more plates, wiring kits etc etc,
Please ask if you have any questions.
Photos for illustration.

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm


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