18650 Discharge tester

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  1. dear friend hi.
    I have just watched some of your videos . i know its been long time since you posted in YouTube the 16 channel 18650 battery capacity tester and i must say I very much like it and the way you explained the project as well.
    so, i am on electronics as well in Cyprus , own a work shop for the last 25 years on general electronic repair .
    now i have started repairing electric scooter battery packs but i fount it difficult to test these battery’s because they are spot welded in series 4p- 5p 10s- 13s for 36 42 48 volt, 8 -10-12 Ah and i have to found the faulty once and the only way i know is testing each p separately and that takes many days till i test all 13s .
    so my friend , can you think a way to build something to be able to capacity test all series string at once using the connector of the b.m.s ? have in mind that first p is 4.2 volt second will be 8.4 third 12.6 and so on because they are in series and common is 0 volt.
    i hope you understand what i mean and that you come out with an idea.
    thank you for your time.
    please reply to p.p.vectra”cytanet.com.cy

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